T-Shirts Printing Tips – 5 Tips For Success

T-Shirts Printing Tips for promotional T-shirts, if done correctly, can be a very effective advertising method. It is essential to plan well ahead, be organised and clearly understand what you need from the campaign.

My best tip of the day is to wear white T-shirts with a design made to go on to a white T-shirt. Specifically designed and printed t-shirts are a very effective method to promote and advertise your business, products or organisation. But more importantly it is specifically designed for your campaign to generate the maximum exposure and impact.

Just think of how long these products will work for you. They are walking, talking billboards.

Further, I don’t mean to harp on this, but if your promotional t-shirts are of good quality with a more modern design, they will be used by the people you gave them to, which is what you want and desire.

Here are my best five tips for your success:

Consider what you need to do with them, who you will be giving them to, and who your intended demographic is. Hence very important (for example, if you are holding a workshop for newborn parenting, you may want to give the parents a newborn kids-size t-shirt with your logo and product.

In this situation, the product is for a newborn baby, not the infant’s parents. Therefore when you consider a promotional t-shirt, you need to make it appealing to the parents as this is who you need to influence.

 Give yourself plenty of time. You can’t slap the whole project together in a few days. There are many things to consider, and if you rush and make decisions on the fly, something will go wrong.

Furthermore, there are several different methods of printing to consider. Each one has its benefits and pitfalls. Heat transfer is a straightforward and quick method to print t-shirts. The quality is excellent—it produces vivid colours with very little setup time required. The only pitfall is that this method can only print onto white t-shirts.

Digital DTG direct-to-garment

Digital DTG direct-to-garment printing uses a specially designed inkjet printer. This method can print onto all kinds of coloured t-shirts. It can; print highly complex designs easily in high resolution—Fabulous sharp, bright colours and whites. With the latest technology, DTG is very much in line with screen printing production speed. Hence you can produce many t-shirts within days instead of weeks with screen printing.

Screen printing process: This is cost-effective if you print many t-shirts. The pitfall with this process is the turnaround time can be lengthy, and it could take several weeks from the time of order and delivery.

Choosing the t-shirt: This is important. Equally important, the first thing to remember is the purpose of the t-shirts. Remember, it is all about getting everyone to use them. If you intend to sponsor a junior sporting team, look at the different sporting styles of t-shirts, or perhaps you would consider other t-shirts for men, women and kids.

Choosing a supplier: Provide a detailed brief of your requirements, including the style of t-shirts, the break of the sizes by male, female and kids, and specify where the printing is to be placed on the t-shirt.

Include special services you may require, like design or delivery, or perhaps send proof of the invention as a file. The more information you provide, the less likely something will go wrong. Finally, if something is unclear with a quote, follow it up and clarify.

T-Shirts Printing Tips Summary

Be well organised and know the market and purpose of the promotional t-shirts. Be well organised and give yourself plenty of time to complete the job.

Clarify the different printing methods, heat press transfers are great if you need to make 10 or 20 t-shirts in a hurry, but they can only print on white t-shirts.

My best T-Shirts Printing Tip is to go with DTG direct-to-garment digital printing. It is excellent for fast turnaround and is suitable for short or large runs with exceptional print quality. Screen printing is generally only cost-effective for long print runs, for several hundred at a time.

Choose appropriate t-shirts that meet the target of the promotional market.

To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, provide a detailed brief to clarify any part that may not be clear.

Hence, five simple tips will help you get the most from your promotional T-shirt campaign.

Finally, If you have questions, feel free to contact us.