How to design T-Shirts

T-Shirts Design, Have you ever thought about printing t-shirts to market your business, club, or a special event you’re holding?

Or have you ever been on a club or some associate committee where you have been tasked with sourcing custom printed t-shirts for a special event? “Yeah! I know the feeling. I’ve been there”.

Your first thought is, OK, t-shirts, that’s easy; we all know what t-shirts are, but how hard can it be? Well, here’s the thing, you discover that many places will print your t-shirts, but the big question is, what is it that you need to print on the t-shirts?

Here are some tips

Firstly decide on the purpose of the T-shirt design, is it for a special event like a concert, or is it to promote a specific product and will be given away as promotional gifts? Will they be sold at fundraising events or sold for profit at rock concerts? All this will make a difference in your style and printed design.

Secondly, research your target market. This step is critical as you must design for that market or demographic. For example, suppose you will use your Custom printed t-shirts as casual uniforms for your club. Who will be the user of the t-shirts?

In that case, that may be competing for the basketball junior championships in Sydney, Australia. You may want to use this as the theme for the design elements in your t-shirts, for example, the team logo and inspirational message.

The T-Shirt Design Process

So in your design brief, you should specify the following elements to be included.

Your club logo is the first. It identifies who you are. It represents the pride of place on your team and brings the club community together under the same banner, just like a flag does for a country and a company logo for a corporate company.

The T-Shirts Design will need to identify the junior team within the club and how it links with the community.

Identify within the design that this is specific to the junior championship competition for the year.

This competition is held in Australia, so it incorporates an Australian element.

Incorporate elements of the host city in this example, Sydney

Finally, you have decided on all the design aspects you must include in your brief. Below is an example of a design brief.

T-Shirts Design DESIGN BRIEF e.g.

Product to be designed: Casual uniform t-shirt

Purpose: To be worn as a casual uniform at the junior basketball championships

Alternative purpose: Possible sale as a souvenir item throughout the club and its supporters


  • Club Logo
  • Club community references (roots, struggles, history)
  • Represent our junior team
  • Competing in the junior championships
  • Elements of the host country, Australia
  • Details of the host city Sydney

The required outcome from design:

It is required that the design incorporate all the elements specified in this design brief. The method of this t-shirt needs to accurately represent our club, embodying our sportsmanship and commitment to winning.

It must be modern and appealing to junior team members, club community members, and supporters.

In Summary

So there you have some simple tips on how to go about organizing your design for printing onto your Custom printed T-Shirts.

Firstly consider what you need the T-Shirts Design for, then make a list of all the elements that need to be incorporated into the design. Finally, the detail you design brief and be as specific as you want. Make sure you go into the finest detail so there are no misunderstandings.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out.