DTG vs Screen Printing

The Process

Screen printing is a traditional method wherein the ink is pushed onto the fabric through a stencil. It is a labour-intensive process that requires an artisan’s precise hand. DTG vs Screen Printing:

DTG is a modern approach to printing t-shirts. It is like an inkjet printer. In this case, you print on fabric, not paper! The technique uses a precise digital printer to apply ink directly to the material.

DTG is the method to choose when you want highly elaborate t-shirt designs; moreover, if the design calls for many colours like gradients and photos.


Are you looking to print just that one t-shirt for a creative project? Or a small batch of t-shirts for your next in-house event? Maybe a few custom thank-you gifts? DTG is your answer.

However, these days with new DTG technology, you can print any number of T-Shirts, from one to several thousand. The process is quick and the turnaround time short, unlike screen printing, where the setup is lengthy and costly.


Screen printing is a labour-intensive process. Since it involves using individual stencils for every colour in the design, you may need to limit the number of colours.

DTG has no limitations on the colour. It is quick to set up, and complicated printing designs are straightforward. With the latest DTG printer technology, it is possible to print large quantities in a brief period. Therefore closing the production gap between DTG vs Screen Printing:.

DTG vs Screen Printing: Cost

These days we find that clients want quick turnarounds and a more comprehensive range of complex design print needs. The cost between DTG and Screen printing has been closed, and you could say that DTG is as cost-effective as Screen printing.

At T-Shirt Direct, we are all about custom t-shirt printing. We use the latest DTG technology and have invested in technology that complements a high-quality workflow. This gives us a consistently high-quality t-shirt printing process.

Our technology starts with a highly interactive website that is fully optimized for ease of use. It provides tools where customers can upload, modify or extend their designs and place their custom t-shirt orders online. It is directly linked with the printing workflow and shipping to you.

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